Psychadelic rimmed soap

This soap is one I’ve seen pictures of but have never tried. I had a go but am thinking I either need to practice it a bit more or get the tutorial off Amy Wardens Great cakes soapworks before I try it again.

I got my colours together. I decided on simply pouring all of the colours together and just doing a general comb effect.


It sort of ended up looking a bit like a peacock swirl – sort of! But hey, pretty I reckon. So I prepared an oven roasting pan by lining it with oven proof paper, poured a thin layer into the bottom (at least what I thought was a thin layer – as you will see later it didn’t turn out quite so thin!


And popped it into the oven. I put the oven on to about 120 degrees to warm while I was making the mixture and then turned it off when I put the oven try in. The reason I did this is that the soap is more malleable if it has gone through a gel phase and I wasn’t sure it would without a bit of help because of how thin the layer was, so I decided that it needed a bit of help (but not too much).


The Next day I tipped it out and used a rolling pin to try and roll it into a round shape so that it would fit into my mould. This took lots of swearing and cracking and not a very smooth roll. It was at this point that I realised the layer was a bit thick. Next time I’ll have to do it really thin. But I managed to get it into my mould in the end!


There was a lot of bits cut off. They won’t be wasted. I can feel some more confetti soap coming on – or I might try and do something fancy with all of the colours!


After that, I made up another mixture using the same ingredients as the rim I just made (the same as the Bush painted daisy if you want to see what I used – the last post I did) and poured it into the centre.


I left it for about a day and a half to set.


In this picture the pieces look a bit rough. I still have to clean them up a bit. I’m not really happy with the thickness of the rim as that has made them look a bit chunky, however, it’s a start. The next lot should be heaps better. It’s all a learning experience I guess! 🙂

Welcome to my blog

This blog was created mainly because of my interest in soaping. I like experimenting with colours and ingredients so there will be different soaps on here all the time. I haven’t been making soap for very long at all, but I’ve been well and truly hooked since I started. So much so that I now have a room full of all sorts of soaps curing and waiting for the time I can either use them or find someone who wants them.

I live in Sydney Australia and if you look through my site you will see that I have many interests (although I also haven’t been blogging long so it might take me awhile to get around to posting about those things! :)). I also work full time, have two children living at home (albeit older children), 2 dogs, 1 cat and 2 chooks as well as a couple of beehives.

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