Knife pouch

im not going to post a huge amount in regards to how I went about this. I had an old knife pouch which I was able to pull apart and use the pieces as a guide so in terms of the size, it was easy. It did take me a few go’s however to stitch it together as I had to work out spacing and style of stitch to use.

Here is the old one that I used as a guide.


Then I proceeded to make a mess. I didn’t use the calculator or the hand cream by the way!


I had to cut out the new leather and work on some stitching. I ended up using an old book on leather stitching I have by Ron Edwards, called bush leatherwork and I used a stitch called the double cord over. Along the single edge I just used a simple whip stitch.  I got the leather from a shop in Sydney called Birdsall leather. They have an online shop as well, but I just went in and bought some off cuts. I used kangaroo hide lacing for the stitching.


I have to say it did take me a couple of goes to get the stitching right. I used a press stud to close the pouch and although I didn’t take a photo of it, I stitched the belt loop on the back of the pouch before I stitched up the pouch itself. It turned out pretty well!


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2 thoughts to “Knife pouch”

  1. The leather pouch is beautiful hand work Dallas. Congrats. Just lovely.
    Any beekeeping posts coming up?

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