Hopeful hearts soap

This soap started because I decided to buy a couple of moulds from Aussie soap supplies. I bought two moulds and this one is a heart shaped mould. While I was making a different soap, I set aside a bit of soap, coloured it and filled my mould to see how it looked.

First you gotta make a heart
First you gotta make a heart

The soap looked great when it came out of the mould.


I decided to make a loaf mould and put this in in it and place a pretty pattern, maybe of hearts on the top as well. So first to cut the mould down so it fit in my loaf, then on to making the soap.


The recipe for this is one that I have used before and I really love because of its richness, creaminess and wonderful lather. This recipe is just the right size for my loaf pan as well.

250g Tallow

250g Coconut Oil

200g Olive Oil

200g Rice Bran Oil

80g Cocoa Butter

50g Castor Oil

300ml water (distilled or Spring)

142g Lye

Please make sure if you haven’t made soap before you have a look at my beginning soaping blog and follow the safety rules. Lye is very caustic and dangerous to use unless you follow the right safety precautions. You can follow this link if you like and have a look at my beginners blog, which has lots of links to other good sites as well!Learning about soaping

I made that batch and decided I wouldn’t use a colour. I did add some fragrance though, for this batch I decided on Brambleberry’s ‘Energy’ fragrance, which I really love. I used about 30ml for this recipe.

Then I mixed my batch to light trace and poured off a little of the batch into the two plastic bottles and to those I added a little blue and a little red colour to use as decoration for the top. Then I continued mixing the batch to medium trace.

I poured about 1/2 of the mixture into the loaf and then set the heart in it. It has to be medium trace so the heart doesn’t move. Then I poured the rest of the mixture over the top.


Then I started decorating the top of the soap. I placed dots on the top


Then swirled through the dots with a chopstick.

In a perfect world, those dots would have looked like hearts! Oh well.

The mixture was a bit too set by the time I got to that and it didn’t quite work out, but I reckon it still looks ok.


The next day I cut the soap, and I’m pretty pleased with the result.

A friend suggested a layer some colours through the soap next time, and I think I will try that!



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