Apple Cyser – A honey mead made from apples

After bottling some of my standard honey mead, I had a demijohn or two left over, so time to put on another mead. This time I decided to try a Cyser (a honey mead made with apples), as I already have a couple of different Methaglens (honey meads made with fruit). I’m not sure why apples get a different name, however, I’m keen to give this one a go.

First, the recipe, I got this recipe from Ken Shramm’s, the Complete Meadmaker (2003), which is full of great information about meads and meadmaking.

Falls bounty Cyser

1.3 kg Honey (straight from my hives yesterday)

3.7 litres of pressed apple juice. I just used the 100% Apple juice from Coles

150 g Brown Sugar

100g Chopped Dates

100g Raisins

Yeast, I used this one


I placed all of the fruits in the demijohn, then mixed up the honey, sugar and the apple juice with a whisk in a sterilised bowl. I added this mixture to the demijohn with the other fruit.

Adding the mixture to the demijohn
Adding the mixture to the demijohn

Then I prepared the yeast by emptying the packet of yeast to a cup of Warmed Spring water and leaving it alone for 15 minutes. After that you can stir it in the cup, add it to the demijohn and top it up with Apple juice. At this point you need to shake the demijohn for 5 minutes with the aim to mix and aerate it as much as possible. The yeast will need oxygen to start fermenting, so the more the demijohn is aerated at this stage the better.

The you just need to pop on the airlock, put it aside and wait for the action.

Airlock on and waiting for the action to start
Airlock on and waiting for the action to start

Less than 24 hours later it is bubbling away

I left that to bubble away for about a month, until all of the action had stopped and then transferred it into another demijohn. Of course I forgot to take photos of it while it was sitting there for 2 months! 🙂

The transfers to different demijohns help clear the liquid. So I transferred twice when it appeared that there was some dregs on the bottom of the demijohn. The dregs are the yeast cells that have now died and if left in the bottom will end up leaving a horrible taste.

On the 7th July I decided it was finally clear enough to bottle, so I transferred it into some glass coke bottles I have been saving for just this purpose! It still tastes pretty rough, however I can tell it’s going to be very nice in another 4 or 5 months. Just in time for Christmas I think! 🙂



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